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FAPSC Annual Awards

Recognize someone for their handwork and dedication to our sector.  Nominate a colleague today!

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Admissions Administrator of the Year

Education Administrator of the Year

The Rickie Knobel Financial Aid
Administrator of the Year

The Gail Benjamin Student Services Administrator of the Year

Graduate of the Year - Degree Granting Institution

Graduate of the Year - Non-Degree Granting Institution

College/School of the Year

If you have questions about the awards please contact Katie Allan at (850) 577-3139 or via email 


FAPSC Professional Membership

FAPSC offers a Professional Membership that is open to all employees of a FAPSC school or associate member.  This membership was designed to help keep your entire staff in direct communication with FAPSC.  Download an application today!

FAPSC Board of Directors

William Polmear, President

Wayne Slater, President Elect

Don Slayter, Immediate Past President

Dean Bartness, Secretary

Janis Schoonmaker, Treasurer

Jorge Alfonso
Alex Amor
Mayralisa Arbelo
Arthur Benjamin
Nancy Bradley
Peter Crocitto
Joe Hardiman
Walt Kirby
Al McCloy
Ernesto Perez
Randy Proto
Brian Quirk
Melissa Wade

FAPSC Executive Staff

Kathy Mizereck, Executive Director
Wanda Taylor, Deputy Executive Director/Member Services
Katie Allan, Executive Assistant

Florida Association of Postsecondary Schools and Colleges  

FAPSC provides leadership, support and advocacy for quality career education. 



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College Executives Newsletter

Career School Owner Opportunities



Update from EdFund 

One of the hallmarks of EdFund is to keep you updated and informed of our industry.  As a strong and loyal partner of FAPSC, I want to share with you and the members of our association a copy of the letter that EdFund's President wrote to the Financial Aid Community.   Below you will find Dr. Sam Kipp's letter  which also appeared in NASFAA News yesterday.  

Dear Colleagues,

I wanted to take this opportunity to provide you with some comments on recent political events and how they relate to EdFund. President Obama's recently released 2009-10 federal budget outline contained a variety of proposals, including one to phase out the Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL) program by having all new student loans funded under the Federal Direct Loan Program beginning in 2010-11. The president stated this proposal would take "advantage of low-cost and stable sources of capital so students are ensured access to loans, while providing high-quality services for students by using competitive, private providers to service loans."

The release of the budget outline is the first step in the federal budget process. There is much work to be done prior to Congress passing a budget resolution for the 2010-11 federal fiscal year. For the 2009-10 academic year, the FFEL program will continue to make student loan funds available to all eligible borrowers across the nation. EdFund remains dedicated to the institutions that we serve, providing unwavering support to you and your students and maintaining open lines of communication.

As the nation grapples with severe economic challenges, a commitment to open access opportunity for education, financial literacy, default prevention and debt management is more important than ever. EdFund and other guarantors have played, and continue to play, a key role in reaching out to students and families to raise awareness about postsecondary education opportunities and the financial support available. We also help schools prepare students for a solid future by providing students with the financial literacy skills and repayment counseling necessary for them to succeed.

Our mission and core values place students and borrowers at the center of every action we take. We believe all eligible students are entitled to a loan, and we also believe all students deserve the services and support necessary to ensure that they have a successful education and repayment experience.

As the dialogue continues around a long-term higher education funding solution, I urge you to let your voice be heard to ensure students and families continue to receive the support and services currently provided by the guarantor community for a successful education and repayment experience, including: 

College access initiatives
Financial aid awareness
Financial literacy education
Loan counseling
Student retention and early withdrawal counseling
Loan delinquency and default prevention
Personal debt management counseling and loan rehabilitation 

The Congressional debate over the budget proposal provides an opportunity to craft an improved process that meets the needs of students, families and schools. Work with your state and regional Student Financial Aid Association or contact members of Congress to make sure the needs of your school and students are represented. You can find your elected official's contact information at

We continue to value our relationship with you and look forward to working together to ensure the best student outreach and borrower education programs and services are provided to all students.


Dr. Sam Kipp

FAPSC Member Survey

FAPSC is aksing all school and professional members to complete our online Member Survey.   We want to know how we are doing in meeting your needs. We know how valuable your time is so we made this short and sweet. Click here to get started.  You can remain anonymous or if you would like a chance to win a FREE Online class include your name, phone number and email address when you complete the survey.  Please remit the survey on or before April 3, 2009.  

Getting to Know: Nancy Bradley, Past President and Board Member

Nancy Bradley, Owner Administrator, Daytona College

Favorite book: The Richest Man in Babylon
Favorite movie: The Wizard of Oz
Favorite music or musician: Paul McCartney
Favorite quote:"Buy cheap; buy twice."
Someone you admire in the school profession and why?  Joyce Byrd Strozier, Susan Hood- strong women leaders who have overcome adversity and made major contributions to the career college industry. 

 Dow Lohens to Host Webinar- Save the Date!

Join us Thursday, April 2, 2009, at 2:00 pm ET when Aaron Lacey of Dow Lohnes PLLC will discuss the significant changes occurring in the Student and Exchange Visitor Program, including the reorganization and expansion of SEVP, the new Recertification process, and the introduction of SEVIS II.  Aaron will focus on the timing and substance of these changes, and review basic steps schools should be taking in preparation.

Mobile Marketing: The Next Big Thing in Recruitment Advertising

Article contributed by Kari Key, Contact Direct Marketing

Is your cell phone within your reach right at this moment? Would you stop reading this if you received a text message? Of course you would, especially if you have become one of the millions of people who now use their cell phone as a lifeline. Mobile communication has dramatically transformed from a luxurious status symbol to a necessity, right before our eyes. And, as it continues to evolve, its potential for successful recruitment efforts looks to be much more prolific than email or the internet.

Right now, your ideal prospect is more likely to be carrying a cell phone than a laptop. In fact, mobile phones outnumber computers by over 4 to 1, TV sets by over 2 to 1, and internet users by nearly 3 to 11. So, when considering which option gives you the most coverage, mobile advertising is the clear choice. (Read More) 

 FAPSC and Facebook Unite

FAPSC Facebook group currently has grown to 9 members! Let's not stop there!

Join your peers with limitless opportunities to network with other professionals in our sector. Facebook can be a useful tool when keeping in touch is difficult because we're all so busy.  We encourage you to join and participate,  without you the group will not work. The vision for the group is a place where we can leave messages and ask questions of our colleagues and friends.  If you already have a profile set up or desire to create one make sure you choose to participate in our group.

Click here to sign up- Join the FAPSC group today!

  Other Industry News

Posted are "links" to news relating to our sector that may be of interest to you

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