FAPSC Recognizes Greatness Among Florida Career Colleges, Students, Administrators and Faculty During 2013

Sixteen awards were presented during the FAPSC Annual Conference in South Florida attended by
more than 350 administrators and 260 faculty members.

Graduate Awards

Jonathan Levy was awarded the FAPSC 2013 Graduate of the Year Award for outstanding campus and community involvement.  Jonathan was the valedictorian of his class as well as voted "most likely to succeed" by his peers.  Jonathan is a graduate of Full Sail University.

Irene Arteaga was awarded the FAPSC 2013 Graduate of the Year Award for her exceptional dedication to her studies.  Always eager to learn more and advance her education, she achieved near perfect attendance.  Irene is a graduate of Sullivan and Cogliano Training Centers (Miami).

*Neither of the graduates could attend the awards ceremony due to prior work commitments.


School Award

Florida National University - Hialeah
took home top honors as FAPSC' 2013 School of the Year.

Member Awards

Member of the Year Award
John Hill
(Anthem Education)  

Member of the Year Award 
Jay Ober

(FAPSC Nursing Committee)

Associate Member
of the Year Award

Robert Starks Jr.

(MaxKnowledge Inc.)


Administrator Awards

Kathaleen Cole, Fortis Institute - Pensacola, was awarded the Administration & Management Administrator of the Year title.  
  Marbelin Perez of Universal Career School (Sweetwater) earned the award for Career Services Administrator of the Year.  
Robin Koman from Full Sail University took home the title of Education Adminsitrator of the Year.  
  Colleen Bradshaw-Russell of City College (Ft. Lauderdale) was honored with the Rickie Knobel Financial Aid Administrator of the Year Award.
Kamil Francois from International Academy of Design and Technnology-Tampa was recognized with the Gail Benjamin Student Services Administrator of the Year Award.  
  Vicky Irizarry of Virginia College - Tampa was awarded the title of Admissions Adminsitrator of the Year.  

Faculty Awards

  Carlos Cuervo from Florida National University was honored to receive the Faculty Member of the Year award from a Degree Granting Institution.

Stacey Farrar with Sullivan Cogliano Training Centers (Miami) was awarded the title Faculty Member of the Year from a Non-Degree Granting Institution.

Legislative Awards


Legislator of the Year Award
Representative Erik Fresen

For Contributions to Higher Education
Representative H. Marlene O'Toole


Congratulations to all of our award winners!  For a complete listing of award winner press releases - visit the FAPSC Media Room webpage.  A special thanks to all of the campuses that shared numerous stories of outstanding administrators, graduates and faculty from their schools.

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