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FAPSC will host two conferences during 2011 - the Central Conference in Lake Mary, FL (February 24-25) and the Annual Conference in Aventura, FL (Aug 3-5).  Learn how your company can participate in these events and help contribute to your success at the same time! 

FAPSC offers a variety of ways for your company to get involved. 

As a product or service provider there are two ways you may participate in our programs: (1) via Sponsorship Opportunities (2) via Exhibiting at our Annual Conference.  Use the links below to find out which options are best for you!  

Sponsorship Information & Registration
- Become a Sponsor and make your year a "good" one!                                                                            

Thanks to our 2011
Conference Sponsors

Grand Prix Sponsor

Circuit Sponsor


Accelerator Sponsor

Pedal to the Metal Sponsor

Indy 5000 Sponsor


Brickyard Sponsor

Pit Stop Sponsor

FAPSC Cup Qualifier

Pit Lizard Sponsors

American Central High School

Gragg Advertising

Edfinancial Services



Lippincott Williams & Wilkins

MDT Direct

Ritzert & Leyton, P.C.

TopSchool, Inc.

Tree of Life Books

(download a complete listing of 2011 sponsorship packages here)

              Only sponsors are eligible to exhibit at the FAPSC 2011 Central Conference (Feb. 24 & 25)

Annual Conference Exhibitor Information 

























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